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Papers are too long

Papers are too long.

The introductions are too long, the digressions are too long. There are too many results, there are too many words.

Here’s an ideal paper for me: Explain the problem in one paragraph. Say something about how other people have handled the problem in the next paragraph. Say something about related problems, if applicable. Then solve the problem.

How long will such a paper be? About two pages! This makes about 90% of each paper just padding.

I am tired of reading papers. It is always a chore. When I read a paper I must wade through mud just to get to the point. It’s exhausting and a waste of time.

But even worse is the waste of time for the authors! Authors are forced to pad their papers up and down with meaningless and redundant babble, “real-world” examples, etc, etc, etc. Not to speak about the “in recent years”-ish sentences.

Why is it this way? The most important intellectual works are the ideas and the implementations of the ideas, not the length of a paper.