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Organizing Projects

My current main is problem is that I don’t manage to handle all my silly ideas and projects. I often work, say, 5 - 10 days on a project, manage to write down some results (some half-assed), then get myself back on track on my “real” project. The problem is that the projects aren’t finalized properly. For instance, I wrote quite a bit about transferring parameters in meta-analysis earlier this year. I am pretty certain this is good stuff. Maybe not earth-shattering, but it can be used to clear up misconceptions in causal inference (causal inference is one of the dirtiest field I’ve ever looked on; misconceptions about.) Now when I look at this paper the main ideas are not properly spelled out! Why is this the case? Probably because I knew the main ideas when I was working with the project, and only wanted to explore them as quickly as possible. I suppose the solution to this problem is to 1.) always write some kind of introduction to my work, and 2.) keep at least two files open; one for notes and one for more “finalized” work. Maybe Git can be used for this? Maybe authors across the interwebs have some advice to give? Anyway, things are slightly better now.