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Rant about learning Japanese

The most difficult part of learning Japanese is to know what to do. I have motivation to do stuff, I just don’t know what that stuff is. That’s partly a lie though; I do plenty of stuff. It’s just that the stuff is inefficient, as all of it is memorization of kanji (chinese characters) and vocabulary. I also distrust most resources without any SRS: How can be reasonably sure I won’t forget what I’ve learned by a week without a program for reinforcing it? In Japanese there is a program that helps with these issues, namely Bunpro. Bunpro teaches you grammer using an SRS system; it appears to work pretty well but is not customizable enough. My biggest gripe is the frequency of questions for each grammar item, which is too small. It could probably have been doubled. I would also have a liked a better interface for learning the grammer. They have a cramming interface but this one is just not good enough, as it doens’t allow you to cram specific items. If Bunpro became slightly better at these problems it would be a big help for me. But my real problem is the lack of reading exercises. It’s really hard to find material that is easy enough to read.